Whatever your needs are we offer the right program!

Maybe you want to lose weight or reverse diabetes. Perhaps you want to improve your health or maybe you want to win the next Ironman or Strongman competition; we’ve got a plan that can work for you and that will get results. We call it the MAKSME healthy protocol.

The MAKSME healthy protocol offers you a way to better metabolic health. The MAKSME protocol has it all—one-on-one remote coaching on demand, full use of the Heads Up Health biomarker app, and free online learning. Each plan is custom built to deliver the results that you want.

Our health solution is elegant, fully coached, and simple to implement. Click below for a consultation or go directly to the plan.


All three of our memberships include the following core benefits with a one time fee of $300.00

Online Course: How Do I Start & Maintain The Keto Lifestyle

A comprehensive curriculum that covers the keto lifestyle with nearly eight hours of video tutorials. The course includes supporting materials such as food lists and teaches the MAKSME healthy protocol in detail. The MAKSME healthy protocol focuses on what foods can be eaten, what foods to avoid, sleep and stress reduction, and many other important keto topics. The How Do I Start & Maintain The Keto Lifestyle is the first online keto course on the market and Ketonic Revolution is proud to have it as part of our core offering.

eBook: How To Start & Maintain The Keto Lifestyle

A short nuts and bolts reference guide to the keto lifestyle. The guide is meant to provide quick access to the information needed to make decisions that may arise from time to time on the keto diet

1 year access to world most advanced biomarker app

Ketonic Revolution is proud of our partnership with Heads Up (HU) which is the most advanced biomarker app in the world. The HU platform is easy to use and provides graphed trends in crucial markers like weight, blood pressure, glucose, and ketones. These markers can be monitored by the coach to assist the client in making healthy changes to their lifestyle. Biomarker monitoring is essential to achieving sustainable lifestyle change.

Baseline 14 point Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Ketonic Revolution (KR) offers a 14 point cardiovascular risk assessment. Fourteen markers are submitted to KR, the numbers are assessed and the client receives a report that they can present to their medical provider for analysis. The needed markers require a blood test which is not provided by Ketonic Revolution.


Solo Keto


  • Weekly Coaching
  • Biomarker App
  • 30 Minute Monthly Zoom Meeting
  • Private FB Support Group
  • Calculations of CVD Risk Factors 2x/yr
  • Exclusive Content
  • Links to Live Videos

Keto Warrior


  • Daily Coaching
  • Biomarker App
  • eBook: 7 Day Meal Plan To Lower Blood Sugar
  • How To Start & Maintain The Keto Lifestyle eBook and Online Course
  • 14 Point Risk Assessment

King Keto


  • Unlimited Coaching
  • Biomarker App
  • 30 Minute Monthly Zoom Meeting
  • Private FB Support Group
  • Calculation of CVD Risk Factors 2x/yr
  • Exclusive Content
  • Links to Live Videos


“I am overweight, have type two diabetes, hypertension, and all of the complications that go with those.  I have bounced between doctors and health professionals for years.Pete is an outstanding coach.  His pricing structure is cheaper than my previous three health coaches.  I find that his knowledge is far greater than mine and he fulfills his mentor role very well.  Between the course, his book, and his in-depth one-on-one advice sessions, I have found him to be a strong advocate for my success.  My favorite part about my relationship with Pete isn’t the pricing structure, his knowledge base, or the metrics he uses to keep me be accountable, but rather, his deep sincerity.  Pete deeply cares about my health journey and that is priceless.”

Utah, USA

“I first bumped into Dr Pete when I managed to hook into a Nutrition Network live session. The information really spurred me on and gave me a huge amount of hope ! It was just what I needed to hear at that moment. I had gotten to the point where I was feeling restless and hopeless at trying to get this keto thing under control. Dr Pete has a heap of great information, but also a heartfelt personal perspective to share. I recommend this course for everyone who is living and working in this space.”


“I started with the goal of losing 10 pounds, which I accomplished, but more importantly I feel better than I have in a very long time.  I did not realize how much better my body would feel.  Dr.Pete’s regular encouragement, videos, one on one fitness and lifestyle coaching,  as well as, educational materials really helped me to understand why this lifestyle is truly a healthy choice. I had serious health problems causing dizziness, weakness, and a high probability of another stroke.  The dizziness and weakness have disappeared, my blood pressure is under control, and as a bonus my joints feel much better.”

Arizona, USA

“Take the first step. Without that, you’ll never reach the summit of excellent health…”

Dr. Pete

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