Premier Plan



Program Summary

Mission Statement

To reverse Type 2 Diabetes, achieve weight loss, and elevate the overall health and fitness of our clients.


Ketonic Revolution uses the ketogenic diet, direct-coaching, remote monitoring of biomarkers, and lifestyle education to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, achieve weight loss, and to increase the fitness of our clients.

Twelve Week Program Outline

One-on-one coaching along with remote programming through the use of a biomarker app is used to assist our clients become Keto-adapted thereby reversing Type 2 Diabetes, achieving weight loss and elevating their health and fitness.

  • Weekly coaching sessions and check-ins with unlimited texting and/or video calls available
  • Use of a biomarkers app to monitor progress
  • Step-by-step help adoption of the ketogenic lifestyle
  • Movement strategies
  • Mindfulness and stress reduction strategies


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